About Us

We are Christians that try to meet in a simple way as did the early New Testament church.  We are non-denominational, non-sectarian using only the Word of God as our guide. We regularly meet at 209 Old Harrods Creek Rd, Suite 200 , Louisville, KY 40223 (Near Shelbyville Rd and Blankenbaker Pkwy)

We gather as believers of the Lord Jesus Christ on each Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. to break bread and to remember the Lord Jesus Christ as He requested.  During this open service, any of the brethren in fellowship are free to read and comment on Scripture, lead in prayer or to request a certain hymn to be sung by the group.  We have no clergy leading in this or any other meeting, but depend on the Holy Spirit to lead us by His will.  Every hymn selected from a hymnbook declares the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The selected Scriptures and the prayers are also centered on the person of Christ and His death at Calvary.  The meeting lasts for about an hour and concludes with the giving of thanks for the bread and cup and then partaking of each.

After the breaking of bread meeting, we take a short break and then assemble together again to have the ministry meeting ending around noon. There are several brothers in the fellowship that take a turn being responsible for speaking during this meeting each Sunday.  In the breaking of bread meeting, we minister to God’s heart.  In the second meeting, a brother will minister the Word of God to our hearts.

Sunday school for the children and teenagers is held at 1:30 pm every Sunday.  We also have prayer meeting and Bible study every Wednesday night at 7.00 to 8.00 p.m.  Ministries of the assembly include Gospel Bulk Mailings, Gospel Meeting(s), Emmaus Prison Ministry, Kentucky Fellowship Day, Believers’ Challenge Retreat, and Children Sunday School.

 You are welcome to come and visit the assembly meetings and to be our honored guest.  As a visitor, unfamiliar with this type of meeting, we ask that you only observe without participating.  This way you will not feel any pressure to participate in something that you are not familiar with. This will also give you the opportunity for you to see if what we are doing is according to the Word of God.  You can come as long as you wish as a visitor, and there will be no pressure for you to come into fellowship with us.  That will be entirely up to you.  At anytime you have a desire to enter into fellowship with this group of believers, then you would request so by speaking to the elders.

 We do not have a membership but receive Christians into the fellowship if they request fellowship with us.  The prerequisite for fellowship is to give a testimony of salvation, be scripturally baptized, and indicate soundness in doctrine and moral character.

“Why we meet as we do” from Bethel Creations on Vimeo.